The existence of this association aims::

Besides being part of the board of an international community of practitioners and researchers, to be a member allows you to:

  1. Promote, disseminate, facilitate contact between researchers from the following scientific areas in psychology and education (and those that can be added):
    • Learning, memory and motivation
    • Conflicts and school mediation
    • Vocational and career development
    • Education, development and artistic expression
    • Family, school and community
    • Training teachers and educators
    • Training and transition to the world of work
    • Multiculturalism, social inclusion and education
    • Language, communication and its disorders
    • Models and assessment practices
    • Special educational needs
    • Policies and reforms of higher education
    • Communication and educational technologies
    • Transitions and development throughout life
  2. Advise a few agencies require expert advice on these scientific areas. To fulfill these goals the following activities:
    • Conduct regular scientific conference.
    • Organize or promote meetings, seminars and thematic symposia.
    • Develop, publish and distribute the Journal of Studies and Research in Psychology and Education.
    • Blog edit format and on an irregular basis a newsletter of the association.
    • Establish contacts and partnerships with other associations of matching purposes.
    • Create a web page of the association to facilitate communication with stakeholders.
    • In all its activities, the association will enhance the presence of the Spanish and Portuguese languages.
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